Sergio Ramos

Architect, designer, illustrator and fine artist with over 20 years of experience in painting. In Brazil, he has the Atelier of the architect, an architectural firm, design shop and art gallery. He has done more than 50 exhibitions and currently maintains partnerships with galleries in several countries.

Now in Algarve, Portugal, he inaugurates a unique and intimate space which contains his work in paintings and drawings that are metaphors from everyday objects that comprise, are reflected in and correspond to a dialogue. The screens are inspired by literature, music and architecture, bringing circumstances organized by icons such as part of a poetic translation, forming a playful collection, where he plays with the concepts of gestalt space-time, to activate the Archetypes of memory. Translating the collective unconscious through primordial images, making reference to our mental file: simple shapes illustrate stories where all we protagonists.

With the curator and representation
Maurícia Schitine, visits can be scheduled
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